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Ok, it's old news, but here in the US you rarely hear news from the outside world(TM)
The IHF has announced (on July 31st) the female and male world players for the year of 2001: Cecilie Leganger (Norway) and Kyung-Shin Yoon (South Korea).

CECILIE LEGANGER AND KYUNG-SHIN YOONWORLD HANDBALL PLAYERS OF THE YEARThey had been among the candidates for the World Handball Player award several times already – now Norway’s Cecilie Leganger and Korea’s Kyung-Shin Yoon finally made it. The readers of the World Handball Magazine cast their vote for two personalities who have been constantly performing at top level on the stage of international handball for more than a decade and, moreover, act as role models in sports. In the year 2001, which the vote referred to, both were one of the outstanding athletes of the corresponding world championships and consistently won a place in the tournaments’ all-star teams.

Both gained a clear lead over their fellow nominees in this vote officially presented by the adidas company. Cecilie Leganger was 8 per cent ahead of runner-up Zhai Chao, China’s playmaker, and nearly 30 ahead of Spain’s Natalja Morskova who has been one of the world’s best back-court players over the last fifteen years. In the men’s vote, Yoon, too, was 8 per cent ahead of Spanish goalkeeper David Barrufet and 26 ahead of the Swedish squad’s captain Stefan Lövgren.

It was Norway’s second World Handball Player title after Trine Haltvik (1998 ). Korea was awarded the fourth title: Hyun-Mee Kim and Jae-Won Kang took the 1989 award, O-Kyeong Lim in 1996. The next few weeks, the IHF and adidas will officially present the award to Cecilie Leganger and Kyung-Shin Yoon, the successors of Bojana Radulovic (HUN) and Dragan Skrbic (YUG).

Shooting star
Cecilie Leganger (NOR)
First appearance between the posts at the age of 14, nearly five years later the world championship’s best goalkeeper – a real meteoric career for Cecilie Leganger. It was at the 1993 World Championship in her home country that with her coming a new star was born. As a young, carefree player with unusually strong nerves and outstanding reactions skills she entered the scene of international handball and captured the hearts of her Norwegian fans who have ensured her a place in their heart till today.

Even her temporary withdrawal from professional handball in 1996 hardly diminished her popularity in her home country. One year and a half later, handball tiredness vanished and Cecilie played her best handball ever. Excellent Leganger brought Norway’s side winning the 1998 European Championship, becoming the 1999 World Champion and Vice-Champion at the 2001 WC. Only at the 2000 Olympics she was overshadowed by her teammate Heidi Tjugum.

Cecilie is studying medicine. Taking photographs and playing the piano are her favourite hobbies.

Cecilie Leganger in profile:Age: 27 years
Height / weight: 1.79m/75kg
Club: Tertnes Bergen, previously Baekkelagets Oslo
International matches: about 135
Tournaments: 1993 WC (3rd); 1995 WC (4th); Junior WC 1995 (4th); 1999 WC (1st); 2000 OG (3rd); 2001 WC (2nd)
Achievements: All-star team of the 1993, 1999, 2001 WC

Handball all-rounder
Kyung-Shin Yoon (KOR)
Kyung-Shin Yoon must not only concentrate on scoring goals. The two-metre man is much involved in defence work both in the national team of Korea and at the German club of VfL Gummersbach. That is what makes him different from other world-class shooters who may take a breath when their own team is defending. A man of his skills is on the run rather all the time. Yoon has been known as the handball all-rounder of his generation for quite a long time already.

The left-hander who long since emerged out of the shadow cast by his famous fellow Jae-Won Kang, has been counting among the world’s best players for more than 10 years. Double top scorer at the WC, two places in a WC all-star team as well as top scorer of Germany’s first division – that is the exceptional outcome of a man who gained in reputation not only from his achievements. He won much praises for his fair and sport-oriented behaviour whereas his competitors could retaliate with pure rough playing only.

Yoon is married, likes fishing from time to time as well as listening to music.

Kyung-Shin Yoon in profileAge: 28 years
Height/Weight: 2.04m / 97kg
Club: VfL Gummersbach (GER), previously Kyung-Hee University (KOR)
International matches: around 170
Tournaments: 1992 OG (6th); 1993 WC (15th); 1995 WC (12th); 1997 WC (8th); 1999 WC (14th)

2001 World Handball Players of the Year The detailed results Women Votes in %

1 Cecilie Leganger (NOR) 39
2 Chao Zhai (CHN) 31
3 Natalia Morskova (ESP) 10
4 Leila Lejeune Duchemann (FRA) 7
5 Liudmilla Bodnieva (RUS) 4
6 Lotte Kiaerskou (DEN) 3
7 Bojana Radulovic (HUN) 2
Beatrix Balogh (HUN) 2
9 Ausra Fridrikas (AUT) 1
Grit Jurack (GER) 1

Men Votes in %

1 Kyung-Shin Yoon (KOR) 35
2 David Barrufett (ESP) 27
3 Stefan Lövgren (SWE) 9
4 Dragan Skrbic (YUG) 8
5 Jackson Richardson (FRA) 6
6 Markus Baur (GER) 3
7 Eduard Kokcharov (RUS) 2
Hussein Zaky (EGY) 2
Olafur Steffanson (ISL) 2
Glen Solberg (NOR) 2
11 Metar Metlicic (CRO) 1
Christian Schwarzer (GER) 1
Daniel Stephan (GER) 1
Magnus Wislander (SWE) 1

All the Previous World Handball PlayersWomen 1988
Svetlana Kitic (Yug)

Hyun-Mee Kim (KOR)

Jasmiza Kolar (AUT)

No vote

Mia Hermansson-Högdahl (SWE)

Erszebet Koszis (HUN)

O-Kyeong Lim (KOR)

Anja Andersen (DEN)

Trine Haltvik (NOR)

Ausra Fridrikas (AUT)

Bojana Radulovic (HUN)

Cecilie Leganger (NOR)

Veselin Vujovic (YUG)

Jae-Won Kang (KOR)

Magnus Wislander (SWE)

No vote

Talant Duishebaev (RUS)

Jackson Richardson (FRA)

Talant Duishebaev (ESP)

Stéphane Stoecklin (FRA)

Daniel Stephan (GER)

Rafael Guijosa (ESP)

Dragan Skrbic (YUG)

Kyung-Shin Yoon (KOR)

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